Our Story

Mini Waffles

With the arrival of my daughter in 2018, I knew I wouldn't have as much time to cook. But I didn't want my family to subsist solely on highly-processed packaged foods. I needed something around the house that was tasty, nutritious, and ready at a moment's notice. I settled on frozen mini-waffles: a crowd-pleaser that wouldn't spoil and would be satisfying as breakfast or a snack.

evergreen waffles recipe

Made from Scratch

There wasn't an option on the market that checked all of my boxes, so I started tinkering with recipes. I was hyper-focused on keeping my mini-waffles clean: whole grains, no refined sugars, and no preservatives. Flavored only by real fruits, vegetables, nuts, and spices. To ensure my ingredient list would be as lean as possible, I made everything from scratch, including my mixed berry jam.

evergreen waffles recipe

With Clean Ingredients

After months of experimenting, I settled on my first 4 flavors. I was so excited by the results that I had to share them. Just like that, Evergreen was born.

Evergreen mini-waffles have helped me and my family eat clean, even on our busiest days. I hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

Emily Groden
Founder | Evergreen

evergreen founder emily